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Maxim Online is a specialist SEO agency with expertise in Mossel Bay. More than 19 years’ experience working with Mossel Bay businesses increasing their internet presence with search engine optimisation enabling them to be found on search engines by their potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimising your website, to ensure it appears high up on Google search results.

We are dedicated to building good working relationship with our clients. We have an invested interest in your search engine optimisation progress. If your business does well, so does ours.

Maxim Online is web design company with a presence in Mossel Bay. Maxim Online offers reliable service you can count on when it comes to website design and search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase your internet presence. As a web design, development, social media marketing and seo provider, Maxim Online can be your sole contact for everything internet presence!

You now have a website, but how does potential customers find you? Once a query is searched for on Google, most people won’t look further than the first page’s results. The obvious question then is, how do you feature your website on the first page of Google? This is where our Search Engine Optimisation or SEO services come in. Through on-page optimisation, link building, local SEO services and targeted content writing, we are able to increase your website presence on the search engine result pages. The search engine algorithm picks up keywords and phrases and increases your websites rank if your content is relevant and credible. With Maxim Online SEO strategies in play, you will over time appear on the #1 page of Google.

Let us improve your web search engine positioning.

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that often needs to be adapted. Measuring efforts through reporting, analysis and research enables us to propose actionable insights that allows for growth.

Get in touch with us today and see how you can leverage our 21 years of internet experience for your own website.

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Expert SEO Services in Mossel Bay

We are ready to optimise your website for success. Your potential customers are out there ready and waiting for you. All you need is to appear high on Google search engine result pages. With our skilled team and proven strategies, we can make a success of your search engine optimisation journey and help you make a start towards success.

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Website audit

The starting point of any search engine optimisation strategy is an audit into the website's efficiency and visibility. An audit helps in the understanding of functions and performance of the website.

Optimising certain areas of the website ensures better search ranking on Google that allows for an increase in site traffic and overall performance.

A website audit presents your business with actionable insights that allows for growth.

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Website Audit

Keyword research

Keyword research

Researching keywords provides valuable insight into the search queries that visitors are searching for from a search engine.

Keyword research is the process of analysing search terms with the goal of using the results to favour the site being optimised.

This is a key component of search engine optimisation (SEO) or general digital marketing.

Competitor analysis

Is the process of identifying industry competitors and reviewing their digital strategy to establish their search engine presence relative to your own.

Once your online competitors are identified we can use them as a baseline to measure your performance and increases in search engine rankings.

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Competitor analysis

Content writing

Content writing

Content relevance and quality is key. Content is King and keyword rich content forms the basis of what Google indexes.

Well written content with strategic reference to your keywords and phrases enables you to deliver high quality content from your website. Google rewards credible and insightful content.

Keyword density

Keywords are a critical part of your SEO strategy.

Relevant content and optimised website design, ranking for the right keywords aids your site stand out and appear closer to the top of search engine results pages.

Keyword density or also referred to as keyword frequency is simply the number of times a specific keyword appears on a webpage. The more your keywords appear on your page could factor in your authority on the subject.

This goes hand in hand with content writing as you do not want to over use the keyword and potentially be negatively affected.


Keyword density


Link building

Link building

Is the process of creating hyperlinks (or links) from an external sites to your website.

Link building increases the perceived popularity by pointing to your website and in turn increases the possibility of the website ranked highly in the search engine results.

Acquiring quality websites linking to you is a best way to show Google that you are credible and have authoritative content on a keyword. This all helps improving your rankings on search engines.


The goal of reporting is to review the impact of SEO strategies and present actionable insights and potential search engine optimisation strategy changes.

Here are some of the important elements Google considers in its algorithm to determine search engine placement:

On-Page SEO



Device rendering

Page speed

Social presence

SSL encryption

Domain age

* There are over 200 elements considered, we are only listing a few valuable ones



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